Sunday, November 14, 2010


a doodle from my sketchbook finished off in photoshop
available from redbubble as cards prints and posters

cheep cheep

my little doodle from my journal now photoshopped these are available as
cards,posters or framed prints thru redbubble
a great xmas item for the kids room

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Old Docs Soda Shop

My original illustration was done in blue ink and coloured was added via photoshop

I am selling prints of this artwork through my made it store

Can u remember the days when u used to pop into a milk bar  and order the best milkshakes
 Caramel was my favorite and I used to drink it straight from those aluminum Cups
lets hope I don't get Alzheimer's drinking from those things!
cheers kim x

Friday, September 17, 2010

Lets see you pick the eyes out of this one!

digital collage
using lasso tool to capture the eyes of a picture of a doll and copying and pasting to image of black bird with flower and pasting them into the flower heads
then used a brush to add stems and leaves
and paint bucket to drop in colour here and there
cheers kim x

Photo Manipulation

check out this link very funny

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

been away

Just got back on Friday from Thailand saw lots of amazing things checked out lots of art  and while at the Bangkok art gallery saw these miniature shops they had perspex over the top and were a little hard to photograph as they had lights and were behind a shop window they were for sale only a few hundred baht each just thought would share with u for the current project  cheers kim x

minature shops tiny plates of food and furniture

feel thirsty grab a pepsi from the corner store

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


a doodle from my journal now photoshoped
you can buy prints or cards over at my redbubble site
just click on the link above and it will take u there
on another note
won't be around for a couple of weeks as I am heading out to Thailand for a break
and some much needed sun I am soooo cold
so catch yas when I get back
cheers kim x

Saturday, July 24, 2010

shit that was lucky!

I created this one in my journal with textas and then took to it into photoshop.
 I mainly used the colour picker and paint bucket to go over the top of my texta colour which has created a lovely textured look

this cartoon reminds me of the time I worked for yarra trams one of my colleagues ducked up a lane in the city of Melbourne to have a quick ciggy and as he leant up against the brick wall a pigeon did a big poop all down his back it was hilarious!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Topairy elephants

while visiting Thailand last year took this photo of topairy elephants in the summer palace gardens in Bangkok
the bottom pic shows the original photo
and the top pic shows my photoshop editing I took out the ground light & the lamp behind the elephant using the clone tool
& I used the dodge tool to lighten the trees in the background and I made some more adjustments using Image/Levels (Control L)
Prints of this are available in my store

altered photo

original photo

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010


This little guy below lives in Bangkok, in the fish pond of the hotel I stayed in last year.
 Everyday he climbs out of the tank roams around the hotel gets heaps of attention from the hotel guests and then at night he climbs back up into the tank

I don't know what breed of turtle he is but those red eyes are striking though, and below is my original doodle of a turtle and below him is the same image photoshoped its available for sale in my
Blue Dog Studio
 as a Print

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

oh so retail

this weeks effort I chose a picture from Creative Commons on Flickr that is one of my favorite pastimes the original picture is below

and this is it  after I had a play with it I added layers used the pen tool added some patterns used the eraser tool and more.........
I am semi happy with the result and maybe I will play more with it and see what other designs I can come up with
cheers kim

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


this is a doodle that I did ages ago on the back of an old bill and below it has been photoshopped I played around with this one today during class Yes Anthony after I did my assigned task ha!
still would like to work on it some more but I don't have PS at home will have to wait till next week

Me in the garden & Sum Random Ankle Biter

taking my pop portrait from last week  and merging layers and using blending modes I placed a photo under neath my portrait changed the opacity and stuff it looks like I am somewhere tropical in a beautiful garden mmmm maybe Thailand I wish!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pop Portraits

Andy Warhol eat your heart out
this weeks lesson to create a pop style portrait using a photo of myself
Using Pen tool I have created several images out of the one photo
which has been fun and colourful at the same time

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Things That Go Click !

This Class was all about making buttons Buttons,Banners & Tiling Images

and making them link to other web sites you may have if you click on all these images you will find they will take you to my other web sites

My Website

My Craft Store

My Original Art Blog

My Ebay Store

Jim Thompson Used to Live Here

Once again while in Thailand I went to visit Jim Thompson's
house he was the founder of the Thai Silk Industry but he mysteriously disappeared while visiting Malaysia
his house sat idle for some time before the Thais took it over and opened it to the public its a beautiful Thai teak house and the gardens are lovely and it backs onto Bangkok's klongs (little canals where the river runs)
below is the original photo of the house taken by me

An elephant visits a temple

for those of you that know me
Thailand is my favorite destination so much so I go there every year to visit

The class task once again was to take a photo and make some changes

I took this photo last holiday while visiting Autthaya Its the Old City of Thailand once the Capitol but nowadays Bangkok is the capital any how after a few battles this place had suffered some damage but it is now under World Heritage Protection its an amazing place and I had the best day visiting there with my guide Warren

I took the photo and over the top I laid my original doodle then I took to adding some colour to it

I have made this piece another time the doodle has been made into a painting as well which has been sold


The class task here was to take a photo and change a few things like hue,saturation,well I did all that but thought it looked a little dull still and the bloke was just standing there so I gave him a fishing rod added some funky fish and then placed a huge warning sign "NO FISHING HERE" almost like the Hollywood sign stuck on the side of the hill but this ain't Hollywood baby!

Cat & Mouse Game

This one started life as a doodle on the back of an old bill I scanned it and then opened it up in photoshop and bought it life with a little colour
I think sparkles looks nice now if only she would let that mouse go!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bow Wow

Bow Wow little doggie
another fun shape artwork
this poor little guy looks a little wacky
only a mother could luv him!

Speed Racer

We had sum fun in this class playing with shapes and creating something out of them not as good as whats his name??? that Anthony made us look at on u-tube as soon as I get my journal out will add his name and the link to his u tube videos they were good

Scroll Up Scroll Up

Just a little scrolling
Not sure what I was trying to do here
but its a pretty abstract

At first I thought

My first thoughts on digital art and using Photo shop
but on reflection and a little more practise I find I am starting to enjoy it, Now if only my memory will hold onto the information on how to use this program maybe I need to start taking Kinko tablets
to improve it

I know the feeling Mate!

This Indian is none too happy as he was out shopping for tomahawks and They didn't stock them
this was the story of my life when I lived in Korumburra just about everything that I went out specially to purchase wasn't available it drove me insane,just ordinary things like light cream,coconut milk,and fence extensions now that a whole other story!!

My Favorite Film Star

Yes I am a big lover of Bette Davis
Have lots of her movies in my collection as well as memorabilia and books about her
I took this black and white photo of her reading a book and gave her a little colour a bit of lippy on the lips and a big red chair I think she looks great what do you think?

Help Me

Took this photo of a kerb side and gutter
and made a crime scene out of it

will someone please help him!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Early Duck Gets Fresh Orange Juice EVERYDAY!

Today's subject for digi class was "early"
so here is mine the inspiration behind this one is the phrase 
"the early bird catches the worm"
which I have adapted to my own crazy interpretation
cheers Kim

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Our theme for the day was
subterranean ???? whats that? I hear you say Well I wasn't sure either so I had to google it and it means

below ground, under the earth, underground so with the help of photoshop I created this little piece hope you like it 8-)
cheers Kim x